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When: Thursday, March 14, 2019
Place: World Wide Technology
Main Auditorium
Title: How Kafka has Become the Nervous System of a Modern Data Architecture
Presented By: Cliff Gilmore(Confluent)
About the Presentation: From resilient and high scale messaging to a modern stream processing platform, Kafka has become the nervous system of a modern data architecture. Learn how the Kafka Streams API takes this to the next level by democratizing the development of streaming applications, along with the ability to build modern microservices in an event-driven and asynchronous architecture.
About the Presenters: Cliff Gilmore is a Sr. Solutions Engineer at Confluent covering the Central Region. He has deep experience in data architecture across a broad range of technologies over the last 10 years. Cliff has worn many hats from running a consulting practice specializing in modern data architectures to helping hundreds of customers successfully deploy open source solutions from the earliest stages to tuning production systems at scale.
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    March 2019 How Kafka has Become the Nervous System of a Modern Data Architecture, Cliff Gilmore(Confluent)
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