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When: Thursday, July 11, 2019
Place: World Wide Technology
Main Auditorium
Title: Elastic Application Performance Monitoring
Presented By: Adam Quan(Elastic)
About the Presentation: Elastic APM is a free, open source APM solution, powered by Elasticsearch. We will start with an overview of Elastic APM and learn about its latest features, including Real User Monitoring (RUM) and the latest distributed tracing capability!!! We will also go through a demo that shows how to monitor the performance of your Java applications and gain insight into your transactions and potential bottlenecks. Seeing application performance data from the browser all the way through different microservices across multiple runtime environments is incredibly valuable for both daily monitoring and troubleshooting. Elasticsearch is the most popular open source solution for logs aggregation and metrics. When application performance monitoring (APM) data is enriched by logs and metrics from both the applications and the underlying infrastructure, you have 360 degree of visibility and full observability into your applications.

Highlights Include:
- Configuring your Java applications to deliver application performance metrics to the APM Server
- Leveraging advanced APM features with your Java applications
- Monitoring calls from the Java application to external REST services
- End to end monitoring with Real User Monitoring (RUM) and distributed tracing
About the Presenters: Adam Quan is a Solutions Architect at Elastic, where he works with customers on architecting distributed solutions using the Elastic Stack. Adam has 20 years of experience with Java application development and application integration technologies.
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