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When: Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014
Place: CityPlace One Auditorium Directions: 
Title: Clean Code: Writing Code for Humans
Presented By: Cory House
About the Presentation: Anyone can write code a computer can understand, but professional developers write code *humans* can understand. This session discusses best practices for writing code in a style that’s easy to create, maintain and understand. We have a lofty goal: programming style as documentation. We’ll discuss concrete methods to get you there and give you a vocabulary for pragmatically evaluating code quality. Various refactoring techniques, code smells, anti-patterns, and rules of thumb are discussed including fail fast, return early, separation of concerns, arrow code, magic numbers, the boy scout rule, being “stringly typed”, DRY, the stepdown rule, table-driven methods, the importance of staying native, techniques for finding subtle redundancy, reinventing the square wheel, when to create a method, doing comments right, horizontal and vertical density, and simple design patterns. Part of this session involves refactoring a confusing and ugly chunk of code into something beautiful, easy to read and maintain. While examples are in C#, coders in any language will be able to follow along and apply the principles discussed.
About the Presenter: Cory is an independent consultant, INETA speaker, Pluralsight author, blogger, and software architect with nearly 15 years of experience in software development. At VinSolutions Cory specializes in creating C# .Net and JavaScript based single page applications for the automotive industry. He regularly speaks on clean code, architecture, and software career development at conferences and user groups across the country. Cory is author of "Clean Code: Writing Code for Humans" and "Architecting Applications in .NET" on Pluralsight.
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