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When: Thursday, March 9, 2017
Place: CenturyLink Auditorium Directions: 
Title: Intro To Grails 3 For Spring Developers
Presented By: Jeff Scott Brown
About the Presentation: Grails 3 is a high productivity web framework for the JVM. Grails 3 is built on top of Spring Boot. This session provides an introduction and overview of the framework for developers who are familiar with Spring. Because Grails 3 is built on top of Spring Boot, anything that you can do in Spring Boot you can also do in Grails 3. In addition to all of Spring Boot's capabilities, Grails 3 offers a whole lot of additional features and benefits that contribute to code simplicity and to developer productivity. This session will highlight many of the features offered by the framework which make Grails 3 a great framework for taking advantage of everything that Spring has to offer while also taking advantage of everything that a powerful and flexible convention over configuration framework has to offer. No prior Grails knowledge is necessary.
About the Presenter: Jeff Scott Brown is an OCI Grails Practice Lead, Grails co-founder and member of the OCI Core Grails Development team. Jeff Scott Brown has been doing JVM application development for as long as the JVM has existed and has spent most of the last decade focused specifically on work related to the Grails framework. Jeff has co-authored The Definitive Guide To Grails Second Edition and The Definitive Guide To Grails 2 with Grails founder and OCI Grails Development Lead Graeme Rocher. Jeff is also a regular public speaker on Grails, Groovy and other JVM related technologies.
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March 2017 Intro To Grail 3 For Spring Developers,
Jeff Scott Brown
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