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When: Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015
Place: CityPlace One Auditorium Directions: 
Title: Java 8
Presented By: Charles A Sharp

About the Presentation: A Java 8 Stream presents a sequence of values. Simple enough to say, but what do Streams bring to Java that a Collection's Iterable doesn’t? Good question. To answer it, this presentation covers the contrasting goals of Collections and Streams. It then looks at how Streams are created; by the Collections and other retrofitted JDK classes as well as how you can create your own. But once you have got a Stream — what do you do with it? Another good question. And again, this presentation promises to do its dead-level best to answer it by glazing your eyes with a whirlwind tour of the various tools — maps, filters, collectors, and aggregators — that Java 8 provides to use Streams to accomplish your programming goals, achieve success, and retire to a glamorous life giving Java presentations.
About the Presenter: Charles Sharp is a Principal Software Engineer at Object Computing, Inc., a leading software engineering firm providing consulting for software architecture, design, and implementation. He’s been shoving data into pipelines for over thirty years which should give you fair warning for the freshness of the metaphors he uses when explaining Streams.
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