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When: Thursday, September 8, 2016
Place: CenturyLink Auditorium Directions: 
Title: Java 8 IoT Development
Presented By: Alex Herriott, Bo Huang
About the Presentation: If current trends continue, the number of IoT (Internet of Things) devices in circulation may triple to 38.5 billion by 2020, far outstripping the number of PCs. However, programming an IoT device still remains difficult. Often an in-depth knowledge of the hardware specifications and difficult low-level concepts is required to get even the simplest of examples to work. With Pronghorn IoT, we are looking to provide an easy to use, declarative, and low garbage API that can teach a maker with no experience to create a working example in as little as 15 minutes. In doing so, we also provide a top-down approach to teaching students Java.
About the Presenter: Alex Herriott, a junior Electrical Engineer and CS major at Washington University in St. Louis and software engineering intern with Object Computing, Inc. (OCI). Self-proclaimed maker and head TA for ESE 141 Introductory Robotics at Wash U. Joined the Pronghorn IoT project at the start of summer 2016.

Bo Huang, a senior CS major student at Washington University, is a software engineer intern with Object Computing, Inc. (OCI). Programmed a temperature control system to build a vaccine transportation container and tutor for Introduction to Algorithms at Wash U. Joined the Pronghorn IoT project at the start of summer 2016.

Pronghorn IoT project is led by Nathan Tippy, a principal software engineer at OCI, who has been doing active development with Java since 1995.
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September 2016 Java 8 IoT Development, Alex Herriott, Bo Huang


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