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When: Thursday, January 9, 2020
Place: World Wide Technology
Main Auditorium
Title: Continuous Reliability: An agile process to deliver higher quality applications
Presented By: Oliver Nielsen(OverOps)
About the Presentation: Every business going through an organizational transformation to gain a competitive advantage faces the same challenge: how do we balance agility and stability? To solve for the agility part of this equation, many development and operations teams are turning to continuous integration (CI) and continuous development/deployment (CD), however, these practices often put stability at risk. Enter Continuous Reliability.

Continuous Reliability (CR) is a new framework that brings together automated code quality gates and contextual feedback loops within a CI/CD workflow to help organizations overcome the agility/stability paradox. CR can mean the difference between hoping your code might work in production, and actually knowing it will.

In this session, Oliver Nielsen will define CR for attendees and demonstrate how they can implement this practice within the context of their organizationís own transformation.

The session will follow the below outline:
- Introduce and define the concept of CR Quality Gates Feedback Loops
- How are enterprise organizations approaching this problem today and the challenges they are encountering
- The benefits of CR
- CR in Practice: How CR is implemented at Comcast
- Key tools and best practices
- Q&A
About the Presenters: Oliver Nielsen is the Director of Professional Services at OverOps, where he is responsible for ensuring a seamless integration of the OverOps platform within client environments. With over 20 years of experience in the software industry, Oliver has previously held services leadership roles at companies like Pentaho and Hitachi Vantara, in addition to serving as a senior applications developer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City.
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    January 2020 Continuous Reliability: An agile process to deliver higher quality applications, Oliver Nielsen(OverOps)
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