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When: Thursday, October 13, 2016
Place: CenturyLink Auditorium Directions: 
Title: Building a Microservice Federation with Grails 3 and Spring Cloud
Presented By: Jack Frosch

About the Presentation: In this session, we’ll explore essential elements of microservices architectures, then the development of a small federation of microservices using Grails 3.x. We'll examine automatic data marshaling and binding of XML and JSON data, REST capabilities, and techniques for implementing security. We'll end up with a small federation of Grails microservices leveraging Spring Cloud microservices to deliver enterprise scalability and resiliency.

Grails developers have long loved Grails as a platform for building robust web applications. Grails 2.3 gave us powerful server-side REST improvements. Grails 3.x brings Spring Boot for building standalone JARs. This evolution has brought us to the point where we can finally build a federation of loosely-coupled microservices with smaller, more focused, more easily maintained codebases resulting in applications that are trivially easy to deploy and scale and resilient to failure.

Finally, for all the benefits of a microservice architecture, the story’s not all sunshine and lollipops, so we’ll discuss some of the pain points of adopting a microservice architecture.
About the Presenter: Jack Frosch is a seasoned software developer, architect and mentor, currently supporting an Enterprise Integration project using Groovy and Apache Camel.

Groovy * Grails * Java 8 * Camel * TDD * ScrumMaster * JUG Founder * Husband * Father * Dog Lover

He aspires to be a better person today than he was yesterday.
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October 2016 Building a Microservice Federation with Grails 3 and Spring Cloud,
Jack Frosch
November 2016 Project Lombok: How I learned to love NOT coding, Denny Slover

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