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When: Thursday, June 11, 2015
Place: CenturyLink Auditorium Directions: 
Title: Hazelcast
Presented By: Fuad

About the Presentation: Hazelcast is a small Java library that is provided under Apache 2 license. You simply include in your application and you get distributed collection classes like Map, List, Set, Queue and Topic as well as distributed computing utilities like locking, executor service and map-reduce. Once embedded, Hazelcast nodes automatically discover each other and elastically join to pool the machines memory and processors. This hands-on talk will enable you to get started exploring Hazelcast and help you to see how it can give your project a jump start in performance and scalability.
About the Presenter: Fuad is co-founder of Hazelcast. He likes working with Distributed Systems. These days he enjoys visiting customers and dealing with their usage of Hazelcast. Prior to Hazelcast, Fuad worked on J2EE projects as a technology consultant in financial and telecom industries. He was an IT architect at IBM, developing J2EE based core-banking
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June 2015 Hazelcast, Fuad
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